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Our beloved never left us ever, even though it seems so… They have gone to the most celestial place even closer than we can envisage…

Although we know that soil is pervasive and it has no religion, cast and language. When we finally bid-adieu our departed beloved, this soil either helps them to cover or offer the doorway to heaven irrespective of cast religion and rituals.However, depending upon the cultural bifurcations, funerals services imply with a range of religious procedures and Orthodox Funeral Service is one of the pragmatic ceremonies.

The Orthodox funeral part at Blacktown Funeral Services is regulated by an empathetic and dedicated team of funeral directors. They have hands on experience to carry this funeral service adhering the Orthodox belief. Regardless of your Orthodox denominations like- Russian, Greek, Serbian or Armenian- we make sure the soul of your beloved will lead to heaven with rightful and in compliant way.

The initial step of an Orthodox funeral starts with preparing the body that comprises washing, clothing by the close relatives or us as Funeral Directors.

Once the body is prepared, it is ready to place in the coffin.The priest will sprinkle holy water around the body and will hold a prayer to transport the body to church with proper funeral procession. Then in the church the priest will open the lid and a bowl of Kolvia (a dish made of boiled wheat and honey) will be placed near to the coffin, candle will lit on the top, a wreath or a crown will be placed on the coffin. The mourners will present throughout the funeral proceedings and will get the opportunity to say ‘final goodbye’ through prayers holds by the priest and lastly the body will be taken from church to cemetery. So, this is the brief of an Orthodox funeral service, and here at Blacktown Funeral Services we will make sure that every aforementioned proceeding and other related tasks will be performed with proper responsibility and sensitively. So, feel free to share your requirements, we would be happy to be beside as long as you need us.